ATCM officially launches in Vietnam

The acclaimed Architectural Technology and Construction Management (ATCM) Bachelor’s course has now officially launched in Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC), Vietnam. The course, established by the University College of Northern Denmark (UCN), is based at the University of Architecture in HCMC, and has seen a huge uptake from students, surpassing even the most optimistic of predictions for a newly introduced course in its first year in Vietnam.ATCM launches in VietnamThe official launch ceremony was held at the university, and was attended by Andrew Meehan, Office Manager of BSBG Vietnam, along with the office’s two interns Tom Dryburg and Anel Shakir, both of whom are up and coming Architectural Technologists themselves.ATCM launch ceremony BSBG has been a strong supporter of ATCM’s introduction to Vietnam, providing sponsorship for a scholarship on the course and offering its backing to Asia Director of the UCN Global Office, René Larsen, throughout the launching process.ATCM launchRené was tasked with introducing the innovative ATCM course to the Asian market, and as the first year now begins, we can look forward to seeing the results of his great dedication and hard work in Vietnam come to fruition.

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Students on the ATCM must take part in a mandatory 20-week internship as a part of the course, providing invaluable hands-on experience that can make the difference between entering the industry at an entry level or advanced level position. The BSBG Vietnam office currently has one intern studying the ATCM course at UCN; the aforementioned Anel Shakir. Anel is working alongside BSBG’s architects on exciting new projects in a real-world environment, an opportunity that is one of the unique selling points of the ATCM course.ATCM launchThe success of the ATCM course is widely regarded to be indicative of, and partly responsible for, the huge industry shift to adopt technology, and for a rapid increase in the number of technologists now working in architecture. In Vietnam, while the concept of an Architectural Technologist is still relatively new, with BSBG and the ATCM both having established in Ho Chi Minh City in the last year, we hope to be a catalyst alongside the ATCM to advance the technical side of the architectural landscape in Vietnam and further afield; heralding a new era for the region, which will see an increase in sustainable, fully operational structures built to the highest standards and specifications.

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The ATCM is accredited by the Chartered Institute of Architectural Technologists (CIAT), the qualifying body for Architectural Technology, with whom BSBG has a long-standing relationship. CIAT also sponsored a scholarship for a student in the first year of the course.

You can find out more information about the ATCM in Vietnam by clicking here to watch a video introduction by René Larsen