Future Architecture – BSBG attends CUD architecture review

BSBG Head of Design, Armin Buchbinder, was invited to attend a review of final year architecture students’ work at the Canadian University Dubai (CUD) as a judge, in which a number of talented young architects presented their own final concept designs to professors and a panel of external experts.

For the design project, the students were afforded the opportunity to choose their own topic (for example: a healthcare facility, contemporary art museum, convention centre, etc.), and select their preferred site for the development to be built – having completed fundamental research into the sector they were hoping to build for and exploring the most suitable location for the project.

The presentations featured 2D drawings and models, and were judged by a panel made up from Professors and professional architects from respected practices in Dubai, who then gave each project a mark that goes toward the students’ final grade.CUD architecture student

Commenting on the projects he saw, Armin told us that he was impressed with much of the students’ work, and gave suggestions and advice on any areas he could see for improvement in each of the designs.

“I think there was some good designs on show today, and with some added focus to bring out the key concept aspects of each work, I can see some of the students really emerging to become very promising architects. But I really am impressed with the dedication and the hard work many students are putting in to their work at CUD,” he continued.BSBG Head of Design, Armin Buchbinder at the CUD architecture presentation


BSBG has developed strong ties with CUD, and often takes part in initiatives, workshops, lectures and programmes at the university to help nurture and hone the skills of students studying both architecture and interior design.

CUD is a leading private higher education establishment with its school of Architecture and Design producing and preparing graduates to make a lasting contribution to Dubai architecture.

BSBG continues to offer rewarding internships to young Dubai architects that exhibit great potential, and they are able to benefit from taking up multiple roles on signature projects; gaining exposure and collaborating with international design studios, construction companies, contractors and developers, and enhancing their reputation among all of our long term partners.

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