Keep it in the family

BSBG is a multi-disciplinary practice that prides itself on long-term client relationships and a uniquely personalised service. It is without question the people within BSBG that accomplish these two elements.

From senior management down, there is a tangible culture of family, openness, loyalty and communication; something which becomes immediately apparent to clients and guests visiting the headquarters in Dutco House.

Recently BSBG has seen the family atmosphere taken a step further, as George Varghese, Structural Draughting Manager, has welcomed his daughter and protégé, Steffy, into the fold.

George began with BSBG ten years ago, working as a Senior Draughtsman. After three years he became Lead Draughtsman, and now works as the Structural Draughting Manager, taking the lead role in all work that passes through the structural draughting department, covering the majority of the BSBG projects.

Back in 2006 when George’s BSBG career began, Steffy was just 13 and still at school. Most children often choose something very different to the career path of their parents, however for Steffy, it was never really in doubt that she would follow in her father’s footsteps. “I was very interested in structural engineering and buildings for as long as I can remember,” she tells us.

“And I guess because of my father’s influence I began to gravitate towards the structural engineering side of things…”

A passion for drawing

Perhaps Steffy’s initial interest can be traced back to George’s love for his work, because, while for many, the work stays in the office, George could often be found at home drawing houses for his friends in his spare time. He had a few interested observers.

“My children would always be looking over my shoulder, watching me draw. So I think for Steffy that’s where it began…” he muses.

“Dad would always be drawing new, amazing looking houses,” says Steffi, “so I think that’s where my inspiration came from, although for my sister that wasn’t the case. She loves Physics and tennis!”

Working alongside her dad, Steffy tells us that she is learning a lot from George (who is her boss), and she hopes to someday be as good as he is at draughting, although she admits that’s probably quite a way off yet.

After completing her Degree in Civil Engineering, Steffy was able to gain experience working with a couple of architects in Dubai, before an opening at BSBG came up in George’s department. As he tells us, he thought this would be a great move for his daughter.

keep it in the family

“BSBG will help her to learn so much and to really give her a great footing in her career. The practice has a track record of helping its people to really learn and develop their skills, with so many experienced senior staff who are always on hand to lend their expertise. We have some of the most talented engineers in the industry that take it upon themselves to mentor our younger staff, and I’m sure for Steffi this will really benefit her. Also at the same time I can keep an eye on her!”

Steffy is currently working on a new high profile retail project recently acquired by the practice, currently at the schematic stage, the Big Box Retail project at Jebel Ali in Dubai.

The BSBG Family

When it comes to its people, the BSBG philosophy is simple: ensure staff are equipped to provide the level of service BSBG is recognised for and commits to; provide targeted training to assist in personal development; understand the different capabilities and interests of individuals; and recognise the different approaches one might adopt towards problem solving and overcoming challenges.

A BSBG person is one who exhibits the same characteristics the business has demonstrated throughout its 40 years: commitment, honesty, integrity, talent and motivation.

We welcome and wish Steffy the best of luck in her new career with BSBG, and are certain she will benefit from the BSBG commitment to helping its people gain experience, and develop both personally and professionally.